#DigiWriMo, November 13

I’m sure that there are lots of really cool things going on with DigiWriMo, but for me November has actually become FluColdNoWriMo, as I’ve been battling a weird mixture of flu and head cold since November 2.  It kept me out of work for 2 days and has rendered me quite incapable of lucid thought past 3:30 pm on every other day.  I’m just starting to feel better, though not as better as I’d like; I skipped the fall drama production, for which I had a ticket, this afternoon because I needed to get some grading done and I didn’t have the energy for both.  Events like the drama production are one of the reasons I love my work at a high school, so it’s an indication of how poorly I’ve felt that I skipped it.

So, I haven’t done nearly as much as writing as I’d have liked, and what writing I’ve done has been analog, in my field notes notebook at work.  I feel as though everything around me is moving much, much faster than I am, and that I can’t keep up.  I have a nearly-finished post on my research project that I’ll finish and post later today or Saturday, but at the moment I find myself frustrated, discouraged, and extremely short of patience.  The good news:  I think this is just a matter of being sick; I’m pretty confident that once the fog of flu lifts, I’ll be enthusiastic about my work, inquiry, and writing again.

One insight that has made its way through the mist:  the next major stage of my development as an educator, leader, and learner must involve improving my ability to build capacity.  I simply can’t sustain doing as much as I do now.  In my next post, I’m going to reflect on my daily routine and consider where I can pare down my responsibilities, as well as where I can be more intentional about involving others in helping me with the load.  It may well be that I need to do less in order to accomplish more.


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