#DigiWriMo & Co-learning

Digital Writing Month

This week’s edition of Teachers Teaching Teachers will focus on Digital Writing Month, also known as #DigiWriMo, a month-long collaboration that aims to encourage and promote composition in the digital realm.

Last year, I participated somewhat tangentially – primarily by keeping a log of my writing. I discovered quite a few things about my writing practice from this log, and I’d like to examine these ideas a year later – to see if I’ve made any progress, and to see where my next steps might be.

This year, I want to use #DigiWriMo to improve my blogging practice.  Several weeks ago, I published my inquiry brief, in which I pledge to blog once a week.  I’ve been writing a lot about my inquiry, but I haven’t kept up with that weekly blog pledge.  I’d like to figure out a way to make blogging a part of my routine. Easy to say, hard to do – but important, I think, for my growth as a learner and educator.


A visit from a very accomplished Viking alum last week led to a conversation that helped me think more deeply about my vision.

I’ll elaborate later; for now, I’ll mention that this conversation challenged me to think and write about more co-learning, and about how co-learning might change the culture in my classroom and at Mountain View – so this is what I’m going to do with a series of posts during #DigiWriMo.


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