CLMOOC 2015 Make Cycle #5: Catching Up with Curation

The past couple of weeks, I’ve reached CLMOOC Overload – a combination of being busy at my “summer job” added to so many good blog posts, so many ideas for makes that I really want to do, so many intriguing Twitter & Google Plus conversations to keep up with.  It’s taking me back to last year’s meme cycle, where I decided I needed to

Do Only Some of the Things

I’ve been talking in this space about curating, but haven’t actually finished a curation post.  (And this post isn’t a curation post…)  So I’ve decided that I will make this week all about catching up by means of curating.  I’ll be taking time this week to review and reflect on what people have shared so far, and writing blog posts that present a view of CLMOOC 2015 Weeks 1 – 5, with a special focus on the Make An Inquiry contributions.

How does that fit with the spaces & storytelling theme of this week’s Make Cycle? Ah, see, I’ve got that covered – the public space I’m telling a story about is CLMOOC!  Ha ha!  And I’m going to use KQED’s Digital Storytelling resource as a guide to learning more about digital storytelling as I also learn more about how to curate.


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