Make An Inquiry: Make Cycle 2, Thoughts on Remediation

Make Cycle 2:  Remediation

This week’s Make Cycle asks us to consider remediation – not in the sense of providing a “remedy” for children who are “deficient,” but rather in the sense of how media shapes and informs our composition.

Anna Smith suggested that remediating our inquiry questions would be a possible path for Make An Inquiry this week. I like that idea, and think it would be interesting to pursue.

Today’s Make With Me helped understand the concept of remediation a bit more clearly. One of the comments by a participant gave me the idea that I might want to remediate my research question as a map, specifically as a map of the power relations that exist in my school and the community I serve.

What ideas for advancing your inquiry do you have? Does remediation factor into your plans for making this week, or will you go in another direction?

Spaces for Sharing

In addition to the Twitter #clmooc hashtag & the Google Plus community (where we’re using the hashtag #MakeAnInquiry), we’ve started several collaborative documents that you might want to explore and add to:

If you’d like to join our Slack group and/or receive group emails for inquiry, email me at

Also, if you’re blogging about inquiry, please consider sharing your posts in the Google Plus community with the #MakeAnInquiry hashtag.

2 thoughts on “Make An Inquiry: Make Cycle 2, Thoughts on Remediation

  1. I’ve been so caught up in some other creative work that I have put my Inquiry Q aside, so your post is timely and a creative reminder to get my brain back on and Make an Inquiry …. Thanks!

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