Seek Six Saturday (S6S): Make An Inquiry Edition

I often find myself packed with to-do items on Friday, for some reason, so I often don’t have time to do a Find Five Friday post. The next best thing?  Seek Six Saturday!  (Or Select Six Saturday, or Spotlight Six Saturday, or Showcase Six Saturday…)

I wanted to use this post to curate some of the ideas people shared around the Make An Inquiry theme.

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How-to / Examples
The first actually comes from before the official start of CLMOOC, when we were “prototyping” what an inquiry might look like. Terry Elliot shared the following on our Slack page:

By the way, if you want to join the Slack page, please send me an email, tag me with a message in the G+ community, or DM me if we follow each other on Twitter.

Kevin Hodgson shared this video on classroom inquiry at our group Hackpad.

Kevin’s phrase “topic of interest”/”scope of inquiry” is similar to Shagoury & Power’s “wondering.”  It would be interesting to create more videos like this as I move through the steps of my own inquiry process.

Anu Lilleström shared this video, created by a group of primary school students in her class in Kaipola, Finland.

I was especially impressed at how the students worked with experts outside the school to develop their research. I can see that part of the answer to my question involves making more connections like this between my classroom and the “outside world.”


My focus this week, as I’ve mentioned, is on the questions themselves, so I wanted to collect some of the questions that made an impression on me as part of my S6S.

Amy Cody Clancy, who also blogged about her use of inquiry in the classroom, asked:  How can I create a more student-centered, self-paced classroom? 

Kim Douillard wrote: do we support students to ‘unlearn” the ways they have been ‘schooled” in our institutions?  

Julie Johnson asked a question that, in my mind, resonates with Kim’s:  How Can I Promote Student Creativity Using Maker Projects In The Classroom?

I especially like her invitation to digital collaboration in her blog post.


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