#Rhizo15: Counting

I’m a counter, I’m afraid.
I assign too many grades, and I spend too much time counting up points.
I’ve tried to simplify my system, but it still comes down to this:  I need to give up more control to students, and teach them to assess their own learning.  I need to stop using points as a coercive (if well-intentioned) motivational tool, and instead spend more time and energy in building community and tapping into intrinsic motivation.
I’ll write more about this on the weekend.

3 thoughts on “#Rhizo15: Counting

    1. The first step is admitting I have a problem, right? 🙂

      I do have some ideas about how to de-count-ify my teaching – or perhaps a better way of putting it is that I am going to try out some ideas for shifting more of the responsibility for counting, and more of the power to choose what to count, to my students.

      1. That sounds like a good first step 🙂 what did it for me was the realization that i knew who was gonna get which grade before calculating. I am rarely wrong. My first time teaching for grades someone more experienced made fun of me doing meticulous calculations. Now I understand what she was talking about!

        Btw yday i had to revise the grade breakdown for my undergrad students this semester. I had to put numbers in 😦

        But what it really is for my courses is that u get the full mark unless you mess up big time or refuse to revise ur work. Otherwise, my goal is to get the, to the “A”. Thankfully, i co-teach w 2 others who grade more strictly so others can’t see how “easy” i am. I’m comfortable with it.

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