Digital Learning Day

Yesterday I tweeted for Digital Learning Day. Much as I did with DIgiWriMo, I shared the digital learning that takes place on a regular basis in my school rather than facilitating a particular event. (It’s a nifty coincidence that there was a teacher led training on Google Tools yesterday, and that the library held its “Cafe Bibliotheque” event after school.)

I think what I want to take away from this day is a promise to myself to re-dedicate myself to the work of making my work public. By this I mean blogging, tweeting, and sharing my practice with the world – and making this an organic part of my daily life.

It’s a little bit like walking Lucy, our dog – I just need to make time for it everyday. This week, I’ve only had time and energy to walk her around the block – and that’s ok. The point is I took her outside, got both of us some exercise, and didn’t let the perfect (a 3-mile walk every day?) get in the way of the good, as the expression goes.  I think I need to do the same with blogging.

First step:  posting this entry now, instead of letting it sit in my draft folder “pending revision” for the next 3 months!


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