Reflecting on #DigiWriMo

Since November 11, I’ve logged my writing on Evernote as part of my participation in #DigiWriMo.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.27.38 PM

The purpose of this log was to examine how much writing I do for my classroom, and to determine ways to be more intentional about the writing I do with and for my students.

I’ve learned a few things from this process.  I’d like to write about these at greater length later, when I have more time both to process and to compose, but I’ll briefly note what I’ve learned in this post.

1) I usually have ideas in my head – my 5-year plan is a good example of this – but I often don’t put these ideas down in writing.
2) I write a lot.  Most of this writing is directly related to my classroom practice.
3) The writing I do for my classroom tends to be “writing I have to do.”  While I enjoy my work, I want to create more opportunities for myself to do “writing I want to do.”
4) If I am doing a lot of “writing I have to do,” are my students doing the same?  Will they want to write outside of the classroom if this is the case?
5) I would like to do a better job of creating activities where students write for audiences beyond the classroom.
6) I should delegate more.  I do too much myself; I need to teach others to do some of these things, and facilitate their taking on responsibilities.  (Examples:  I need to teach peer revision more effectively in my English classes; I need to teach club officers to organize activities more effectively.)
7) When I collaborate, I learn more.  I need to create more space for collaboration, both online and at my site.

In addition to exploring these ideas further, I would like to think more about my view of myself as a writer:  how my concept of myself as a writer has changed over the past 20 years, and what this might for my future as a writer and as a teacher of writing.

I also started to write a 5-year plan, which I’ll continue to work on in December.


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