CLMOOC Reflections

This summer, my goal was modest – to explore ways to strike a healthy balance in my life as a teacher and writer – and I think I was successful.

I’ve realized that I don’t have to do everything that I set out to do.  This last week of CLMOOC, for example, I wanted to do a number of different makes – but I discovered that facilitating the CLMOOC Make With Me & Twitter chat while preparing for my trip to Europe.  I decided therefore that my facilitation of the Make With Me & Twitter chat would be my make for the week, and I’m okay with this.

To be sure, I would like to finish some of the stuff I said I’d do but haven’t yet – I still want to write a blog post on why I think that, even if everything isn’t a story, we are better served as educators acting as though everything is a story; I want to finish my 5-image story; and I want to do a few blog posts in appreciation of CLMOOC members whom I haven’t yet acknowledged for their contributions.  But I’m going to do these things when I get back from Europe.  It’s okay if I don’t do everything at once.In the Make With Me & Twitter chat, we talked about moving forward with our learning from CLMOOC, and I have a list of ideas that I would like to pursue & practices that I would like to continue.

1) I’d like to blog at least twice a week.

2) I want to comment on a CLMOOC participant’s blog at least twice a week.

3) I want to involve my students in creating “How To” makes that explain various procedures & activities in our classroom, as well as in creating “How To” makes for activities that they care about.

4) I want to write in my journal every day, or nearly every day.

5) I want to do a Find 5 Friday, or variation thereon, each week, to acknowledge the people I am learning from and with.


5 thoughts on “CLMOOC Reflections

  1. Some great goals, Michael, and I think a lot of us have unfinished ideas from the summer. I wanted to say how much I appreciated your work behind the scenes on so many levels. Thanks for being part of my summer, man.

  2. Hey Micheal, thanks for sharing that… On of the key things that came to me reading your blog is that we talk about allowing students to set their own goals instead of imposing them ourselves, but it occurs to me that we all also need to learn to be sometimes flexible with our goals, recognziing that at certain times, we may defer to a new or different goal, and reconsider our previous goals. Like when you focused on the facilitation of the twitter chat and hangout… Those were great “makes” even if you had originally intended otherwise.
    I love that most of your goals involve connecting with other people. And that’s one of your strengths, your connectedness.
    You know how I imagine you possibly meeting your twice-a-week blogging? By having one of those posts as a combo f5f and blog, you know, blogging about 5 blogposts that resonated with you that week, or something (i think you’ve done that before, as have several others in clmooc). I don’t do that formally, but often do blog about different things that inspire me (it,s amazing how sometimes they all relate to the same topic even though there is no direct connection, no MOOC, or anything, but maybe the connection is in the eye of the blogger, you know?).
    Are you doing connected courses in September?
    Enjoy Europe!

    1. Maha, I like your idea of being allowing ourselves flexible with our own goals, and I wonder how we can model that for students. To paraphrase Kevin, I’m learning to go with the flow a bit more.

      Thanks for your suggestions on how to follow up with my blogging goals – I really like your F5F suggestion. (I did do F5F this summer, though it usually ended up being S6S, ha ha! I never seemed to be able to finish on Friday, so I chose six people/ideas and posted on Saturday or Sunday.) For this week, I’m working on one longer post about my trip to Europe. 🙂

      I hadn’t planned to do any courses in September, but I’m not opposed to the idea – can you recommend any?

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