CLMOOC Week 3 Reflection & Find Five Friday, Sunday edition

This week, my making was more of the reflecting variety, as I considered the thoughts and stories of others along with my own experiences and narratives.

Terry Elliot’s discussion of James Carse’s idea of infinite & finite games provided plenty of food for thought, specifically about how play & games can be analogous to writing.  Attending to process is important in writing, and I realize now that it’s important in games, too.  I agree with Terry that a balance between finite & infinite games is desirable, and this reminds me of the imbalance between qualitative & quantitative research in education.  I tend to lean toward the qualitative not because I think qualitative thinking is more important, but because it is undervalued in our culture; I want to create a balance.  Similarly, Terry suggested that since our culture emphasizes finite games, we can tip the scales a bit by encouraging infinite games.  In the Thursday Twitter chat, Dave Quinn quoted Douglass Rushkoff’s idea that the goal of modern games to keep the game going, which echoes James Carse.

Jennifer Denslow shared the Great Auditorium Scavenger Hunt, which is similar to an “scavenger hunt for sources” activity I’ve done with my beginning journalism students.  Why should scavenger hunting be limited to my journalism class, though?  I’m wondering how I can incorporate this idea with my English classes – sending the kids searching across campus to find information that relates to an activity we’re doing.

Earlier in the summer, Kevin Hodgson suggested that I “go with the flow” when it comes to blogging, and this piece of advice combines well with Julie Johnson’s post on renewal.  It is quite easy to succumb to the desire to “x all the things,” but that isn’t always the best way.  Which is why I’m going to end this blog here, without revising it any further, and go outside.

Do Only Some of the Things



2 thoughts on “CLMOOC Week 3 Reflection & Find Five Friday, Sunday edition

  1. I’m engaged in some “line lifting” this morning, where I am stealing lines and phrases and themes from my blogging friends, and building poems around then. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, and allowing me a chance to remix. I do it out of honor for you.

    … keepingthegamegoing
    keepingthegamegoing …

    1. Thanks for sharing your re-mix?

      What do you think about ending with:

      keeping one hand on the goalie


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