CLMOOC Week 2 Reflection & Seek Six Sunday

I didn’t have time to do a “Find Five Friday,” so I’m going to write a “Seek Six Sunday” (Shout Out Six Sunday?  Super Six Sunday?) in this blog post, combined with a reflection on Week 2 of CLMOOC.

My first three mentions will be for face-to-face interactions.  The first two are LAWP’s David Crittendon & Bob Land, who combined to teach me this week.  David is in Mississippi for the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer, and he is blogging about his experience. In 1964, David worked to register voters in Meridian, Mississippi, which, in my mind, was an act of heroism.  From my comfortable chair, as a white male born in 1977, it’s hard to imagine the courage it took to stand up to segregation, in a setting where people were physically assaulted and even murdered for taking this stand.

David is new to blogging, so I’m not only excited about his online writing because of my interest in his personal story and its historical significance, but also because it represents a wonderful example of Connected Learning.  He’s modeling risk-taking and lifelong learning in a powerful way.

As I thought about David’s work in 1964, and mentally added him to my list of heroes, I thought of another man whose achievements astonish me.  I found this photo at David Mixner’s blog for use in a meme.

Image from

Bob deserves mention for quite a few reasons, not the least of which is his masterful coordination – and release of responsibility to – the LAWP Summer Institute (not to mention his devotion to the Project).  In this case, though, I mention him because he suggested blogging about the Freedom Summer anniversary to David.

On Friday, I took a day off from the Summer Institute to attend a leadership meeting at my district office, facilitated by our site instructional coaches and Ivannia Soto of Whittier College.  I learned a lot from the meeting; my biggest takeaway was the idea that I could use my training in cognitive coaching to support my work as a teacher leader.  I work part-time as a mentor for teachers at my site who are completing BTSA, our state induction system, and I’ve learned how to use questions to support teachers in problem-solving (as opposed to simply pointing out solutions myself).  I realized on Friday that I could use these techniques to help other teachers at my site.

My other three mentions go to CLMOOC members I’ve encountered online:  Paul Allison, for his thought-provoking meme on standards; Sheri Edwards for her expansive & extensive sharing on Twitter; and Scott Glass for compiling CLMOOC political memes.

My reflection on memes:

Frankenstein Meme Hard

…but I’m getting better at it.





2 thoughts on “CLMOOC Week 2 Reflection & Seek Six Sunday

  1. Very thoughtful reflection! Please say hello to Bob Land for me–he’s a wonderful colleague and a truly gifted researcher. You’re lucky to work with him!

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