I know it’s ridiculous, but…

…whenever I try to blog, my biggest stumbling block is the memory of my previous, failed blogs.

I consider these blogs “failed” because I’ve tried to making blogging a part of my routine before and I haven’t been able to make it stick.

In 2009, for example, I had joined a small community of blogging educators, and started to blog two or three times weekly.  Then I got busy with wedding planning and work responsibilities, and I just stopped blogging.  By the time I was ready to start again, I felt that I had been absent too long, and so I just drifted away from the community.

Then, last year, I started to blog again as part of CLMOOC, and I did make blogging part of my routine for a longer period of time.  I started blogging with my students on Kidblog, but by the end of the fall semester, my own blogging – as you can see from the lack of posts on this blog – had become subsumed by my work as the blog administrator for my classes.

This is analogous to my life as a writer – most of my writing is “classroom writing,” e.g. models for my students, lesson plans, and other artifacts that tend to stay in the classroom.

The distinction between “writing to learn” and “learning to write” is helpful to consider here.  I think I do a very good job of using “writing to learn” in my classroom, but I fear that I have not taught my students enough about “learning to write.”  My question – and how nicely this fits in with my guiding question for my summer reflection! – How can I redesign my teaching, and my professional life, so that my writing and my students’ writing strikes a healthy balance between writing to learn and learning to write?


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