Back to blogging

Writing is hard, but for me, organization and follow-through are even harder. I have written so much over the course of my life, including posts on a number of blogs, but due to my scattered organization and habit of beginning too many new projects, I feel as though I’ve shortchanged myself somewhat. I know that the process is important, and that communication is what really matters, but still: I should have more to show for my years as a writer than one article in California English and scattered, mostly incomplete compositions on the Internet and in a zillion spiral notebooks.

With that in mind, I’m going to try blogging again. Part of my problem in the past has been Too Much To Say Syndrome – so I’m just going to aim for consistency without worrying about whether or not I have a coherent message. I also intend to mix my personal interests with my professional reflections, while of course keeping in mind that, as this is a public blog, I need to write with a certain decorum.